About Meet In Med

The Mediterranean has been the theatre of the greatest developments in the history of the western world: this is where the major cultures and most of our planet’s religions have met and clashed.

Art, science and inventions have developed and intertwined here for thousands of years, giving rise to that enormous kaleidoscope that makes the Mediterranean the world’s prime tourist destination.

It’s enough to move just a few kilometres from one Mediterranean country to another to find yourself marvelling at fantastic and completely different scenarios, all rich in art, history, music and spirituality: from the deserts to the Dolomites, from the Pyramids to the Colosseum, from Islam to Christianity.

And it is in this context that Meet in Med project is taking shape.

What is Meet In Med

Meet in Med is a network grouping together and systemizing the most appealing Mediterranean destinations, properly equipped and organized to host events.

Each Meet in Med destination is able to propose you directly the best and most effective solutions for your events tailored on your specifics needs.

Who we are

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